About Terry Newmyer

The Tipping Point

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At Florida Hospital, Terry employed the “The Tipping Point Business Model” to aid his future successes. Integrating board members, campaign volunteers, and institutional partners, The Tipping Point’s well-defined business model helped blend separate offices into integrated teams. Internalizing the research of Malcolm Gladwell, Terry believes there are no solo blockbusters, and our most significant work can be best accomplished with leadership from at least three personalities. Whether securing a mega gift for charity or working to negotiate a breakthrough business plan, Terry believes the model applies.  To Terry, teams required to conduct blockbuster work should include a connector, a maven, and a closer.

The connector is most happy to spend time with an old friend or get acquainted with a new one. Maven is a Yiddish term for one with great wisdom, and they are the experts on the assignments. Finally, the closer is passionate about implementing, driven to get a new contract or reach specific performance standards. When each of these three roles are present, with a single focused goal, great results are sure to follow.

According to Gladwell we all need to engage at times in all three of the functions outlined, but he says one of these three functions is most playful and one is most like work. It is Gladwell’s finding that the more often you emphasize the function that is playful and rely on other’s to help with the function that is most like work the more satisfying and successful you and your team will be. Further, as a team commits to this formula there is a bond formed that engages healthy dependence and collaboration. The dynamic formed produces leverage and unexpected levels of achievement.


Terry Newmyer’s Professional Background


Terry received his Master’s degree from Andrews University, where he graduated with a degree in Marketing. His career began at Lakeland Regional Health System in St. Joseph, Michigan where he took up the role as Senior Vice President. Terry was able to make a difference with that position, as he was responsible for marketing, communication, and implementing plans for the health system.

In 1995, Terry Newmyer moved to Dallas, Texas, where he worked as a consultant and later became a partner for the KPMG National Strategy Practice. At his time at KPMG National Strategy Practice, Terry was there when the company’s revenue grew to $10 million annually. From there, Terry transitioned to work as the Managing Director for Strategies Now, Inc., where his duties included market research and strategy consultation.

terry newmyer in black suit with yellow tieAt the end of 2002, Terry moved to Orlando, to work with the team at the Florida Hospital Foundation. As the Senior Vice President for Business Development and as the Chief Development Office he was part of a team that began many growth and funding programs, ultimately bringing positive changes to the hospital.

After working at the Florida Hospital Foundation, Terry Newmyer moved to California where his role as the CEO and President of Northern California Network Adventist Health continued to make a positive impact.  His team’s efforts resulted in the overall patient satisfaction of St. Helena Hospital being awarded five stars.

Today, Terry lives in Winter Park, Florida. As Managing Director of Strategies Now Inc., he uses his motivational skills to grow various organizations with worthy missions. His focus is now on helping the future business leaders figure out how to implement their ideas and take action on their visions as well as how to achieve philanthropic results and grow their business. Terry has a background in many different industries and his strategy services span over 50 markets.

Making a Difference


One of Terry Newmyer’s greatest passions lies in serving others through philanthropy. Through being involved in philanthropic organizations and fundraising events, Terry has contributed to campaigns that have totaled $250 million over the years. His current position at Strategies Now Inc. allows him to help those in the position to contribute to philanthropic causes and Terry encourages those who want to see philanthropic growth.

Terry’s involvement with philanthropy has allowed him to see first hand the generosity of individuals and organizations.